Rose McCabe


Rose McCabe

Rose is a member of the Mental Health Research Group

Broad Research Specialisms

Mental healthcare

Health services research

Development and evaluation of complex interventions

Micro-analysis of communication

Novel methods to analyse communication

Rose’s research encompasses basic and applied research in mental health care. This work focuses on analysing treatment processes, in particular clinical consultations, to identify challenges along with effective communication. She uses multiple methods to analyse communication (i.e. conversation analysis, 3D motion capture, computational linguistic techniques). These analyses form the basis for novel interventions to improve communication (including patient involvement in decision making), therapeutic relationships and patient outcomes in healthcare.


B.A. (Single Honours Psychology) 1992, University of Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Ph.D. 1999 (part-time), Insight and Illusion: Awareness of Illness from Clinician and Patient Perspectives. National University of Ireland.