DeSTRESS Project - Understanding and Dealing with Stress

Resources for GPs

Together with our community partners and the Royal College of GPs (RCGP), we have developed accredited resource materials for health professionals working with patients who experience poverty-related distress. RCGP have also released a short training video on the findings of the DeStress project.

The resource materials recognise the dilemmas and dissatisfaction that GPs face in providing appropriate support for patients whose problems are largely psychosocial in nature. They also recognise that when patients feel unsupported, this can lead to unproductive outcomes for both GP and patient. The guidance offered in these materials highlight the importance of GPs trusting their own psychological abilities and the strengths of their therapeutic alliance with patients. Importantly, they focus on the need for GPs to have confidence to know when to act as ‘supporters’ rather than ‘fixers’.

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Comprehensive Support Document

Supporting patients experiencing poverty-related mental distress.

Resources for GPs Overview - Video

GPs Supporting Patients Experiencing Poverty Related Distress

DeStress CPD Reflection Form

Interactive form for submitting CPD reflection information.

DeStress Learning Resource Feedback Form

Interactive form for submitting learning resource feedback.

DeStress Mental Health Postcard

Printable postcards for visitors, patients and staff to take and use.

DeStress Mental Health Poster

Printable posters to display in your pharmacy, health practice or waiting room.